Kierunki studiów:

Geografia Gospodarka przestrzenna Turystyka i Rekreacja Geoinformacja Geomonitoring Climatology

Tourism and Recreation

Full-time study program comprises 2255 hours - apart from compulsory lectures and classes - 1040 hours of optional coursework, 276 hours of field work and 75 days (570 hours) of practical training.

The courses offered – apart from foundations of geography, cartography, statistics, economy and sociology – include:

  • foundations of hotel business, tourism and recreation
  • history of art and architecture
  • pedagogy of leisure
  • human physiology
  • guide services
  • museology
  • accommodation services
  • sightseeing and touring
  • geography of Poland
  • management
  • marketing of tourist and recreation services
  • history of Polish architecture
  • tourism product
  • tourism geography of Poland and the world
  • field research methods
  • tourist traffic services
  • regional geography of the world
  • tourist cartography
  • hotel management
  • psychology
  • law in tourism and recreation
  • economics of tourism and recreation
  • diploma seminar