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Geografia Gospodarka przestrzenna Turystyka i Rekreacja Geoinformacja Geomonitoring Climatology

Region and Regionalism

Language of publication: English

Krystian HEFFNER (University of Economics in Katowice)
Marek SOBCZYŃSKI (University of Łódź)
Andrzej RYKAŁA (University of Łódź)
University of Łódź, Department of Political Geography and Regional Studies
Silesian Institute in Opole (since 2001)
Editorial address
Dept. of Political Geography and Regional Studies, University of Łódź, 90-142 Łódź, Kopcińskiego St. 31 tel. (48 42) 635 45 90, fax (48 42) 635 45 92 e-mail:

Region and Regionalism is a series devoted to themes in broadly understood political geography. It is the oldest periodical publication in this field of knowledge in Poland. The volumes issued so far were dedicated to such topics as geographical, historical and political region, borders, border zones and trans- border cooperation, multicultural cities and regions, the role of borderland in social and political life, regional policy, national, cultural, language and religious minorities, problems of borderlands in a uniting Europe, and the role of regions in the process of European integration.

Region and Regionalism combines a geographical perspective on the issues addressed with an interdisciplinary character, publishing contributions by sociologists, historians, politologists, economists, ethnographers and ethnologists.