Kierunki studiów:

Geografia Gospodarka przestrzenna Turystyka i Rekreacja Geoinformacja Geomonitoring Climatology

4-year III° (doctoral) studies (Ph.D.)

Head of doctoral studies

Elżbieta SZKURŁAT, Ph.D., assoc. prof.
tel. (48 42) 665 59 04 e-mail: Narutowicza St. 88, room 11

Secretary's office

tel. (48 42) 665 59 12 e-mail: Narutowicza St. 88, room 102

Doctoral studies run by the Faculty of Geographical Sciences last four years and cover the following fields:

  • human geography (settlement geography, economic geography, social geography, political geography, geography of tourism, regional studies, spatial economy and related issues)
  • physical geography (meteorology and climatology, geomorphology, hydrology and water management, protection of natural environment and related issues)
  • didactics of geography

Full-time study program comprises 525 hours including Ph.D. seminar.

Ph.D. students are required to teach classes as part of their professional training (between 10 and 90 hours of teaching).

Students choose the department to which they will be affiliated during Ph.D. studies (Department of Physical Geography, Department of Geomorphology and Paleogeography, Department of Meteorology and Climatology, Department of Hydrology and Water Management, Department of Political Geography and Regional Studies, Department of the Built Environment and Spatial Policy, Department of Spatial Economy and Planning, Department of Social and Regional Geography, Institute of Urban Geography and Tourism, Department of Geography Didactics).