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Geografia Gospodarka przestrzenna Turystyka i Rekreacja Geoinformacja Geomonitoring Planowanie i organizacja przestrzeni


Geography has been functioning at the University of Łódź as a distinct organizational unit and field of study since the establishment of this academic institution. The first Department of Geography was set up at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science in 1945. From 1951 it existed for half a century as part of the Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences, until the Faculty of Geographical Sciences was established in 2001 as an independent basic organizational unit, one of the 12 faculties comprising the university. Today the Faculty of Geographical Sciences of Łódź University is Poland's leading center for geographical research and education and is authorized to grant doctoral and post-doctoral (habilitation and professorial) degrees in geography. The Faculty employs 129 persons, of whom 103 are academic staff. Twelve departments into which Faculty is divided employ:

  • 12 titular professors (holding positions of full professor),
  • 16 associate professors (with habilitation),
  • 57 doctors (47 in positions of assistant professor, and 10 in positions of senior lecturers),
  • 16 master's degree holders (in position of research-and- teaching assistants).

The areas of research include both physical geography (climatology, meteorology, geomorphology, paleogeography, hydrology, water management and geology) and socio-economic geography (urban geography, economic geography, social geography, political geography, geography of tourism, regional geography, historical geography, spatial economy and development).

The Faculty of Geographical Sciences of Łódź University offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level courses of study, both full-time and part-time (bachelor's degree courses in 'geography', 'tourism and recreation', 'spatial economy and development','regional studies', 'geomonitoring', 'geoinformation' and master's degree programs in 'geography', 'tourism and recreation' and 'spatial economy and development'). The number of students is about 2000.

The Faculty of Geographical Sciences occupies a block of buildings situated at 31 Kopcińskiego Street and 88 Narutowicza Street. The buildings, having a total floor area of 8.800 square meters, house 37 classrooms, study rooms and laboratories (computer labs, cartography, geology and soil labs, a physical- geographical laboratory), a library and a geological museum with 660 square meters of exhibition space.

Dean of the Faculty of Geographical Sciences
University of Łódź