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European Spatial Research and Policy

Language of publication: English

Tadeusz MARSZAŁ (University of Łódź)
Pieter H. PELLENBARG (University of Groningen)
Karl Peter SCHÖN (Federal Office for Building & Regional Planning in Bonn)
Vladimir SLAVIK (Comenius University in Bratislava)
Aleid BROUWER (University of Groningen)
Bettina van HOVEN (University of Groningen)
Tadeusz MARKOWSKI (University of Łódź)
Iwona PIELESIAK (University of Łódź)
Marek SOBCZYŃSKI (University of Łódź)
University of Łódź in co-operation with University of Groningen, Federal Office for Building & Regional Planning in Bonn, Comenius University in Bratislava
Editorial address
The Editors, ESR&P, University of Łódź, 90-142 Łódź, Kopcińskiego St. 31 tel. (48 42) 635 45 70, fax (48 42) 635 45 72 e-mail:
Electronic version of the journal (from no 1/2009):

European Spatial Research and Policy is an international review (published since 1993 in co-operation with some European academic institutions) concerned with the problems of social and economic space organization at local, regional and supranational level. The journal comprising both theoretical and empirical aspects of spatial analyses is aimed at academics, policy-makers and practitioners interested in a broad range of spatial developments in contemporary Europe. The scope of the journal is defined by the concepts of space, environment, society and economy rather than by names of specific disciplines. Its main areas of interest include regional policy, spatial planning, European integration processes, locational studies, labour market developments, foreign investments, environmental problems and other crucial issues influencing the shape of contemporary and future European space. Contributions prepared by geographers and regional scientists, as well as economists, planners, architects, sociologists and historians who undertake spatial research within their respective disciplines reflect the interdisciplinary character of the review.

European Spatial Research and Policy is published annually as one volume consisting of two issues and includes refereed articles, notes, commentaries, reports and book reviews. More than two hundred articles by authors from all over the world were published during the last twenty years in forty issues of the journal. The journal, being itself a result of close academic links of scholars and universities representing different countries, is an important forum for international exchange of information and opinions in the field of spatial studies.